Artificial grass

Synthetic Grass- Plastic Grass - Artificial Grass

It is the ideal solution for any outdoor space on all surfaces (tile, cement, soil, etc.)

Get rid of the frequent maintenance of the garden and enjoy a beautiful green garden all year round!

It is extremely resistant to extreme weather conditions with high resistance to sun and rain. It is a solid material with a special underlay that has holes so that water can be drained.

  • Natural & green look of your space all year round without any effort to maintain it.
  • Easy & fast installation, as it is available in 2m or 4m wide.
  • As an artificial product, it is free of dangerous chemicals, friendly to the human body and the natural environment, while visually its appearance is equal to the natural lawn.
  • It saves a lot of money when buying and installing it, as well as maintaining it throughout its use, as its cost in almost zero compared to natural lawn.
  • Finally, it is easily cleaned with a broom or blower to remove dry leaves and grass.

Artificial grass

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